Bathroom Diversion


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Below are some common materials found in bathrooms that are discarded to be landfilled. There are plenty more we just don’t have listed. If you have tips to divert others, share them with us. Otherwise, apply as many tips as you choose for your lifestyle change.

  • Tracking: Below are some suggested ways to track. How you track your diversion it mostly up to you. If you want to look at your trash can after waste diversion and estimate how full it is, that works too. For example, after waste diversion practices, my trash can was half as full as in a normal week of no diversion. Same could be applied to your recycling bin!


Tip: Put a small recyclable container in a bathroom to assure these materials do not go into the landfill. Materials like soap bottles, toothpaste boxes, etc. are all recyclable. If you don’t want to use a separate basket, a divider in your current basket could work!

  • Tracking: estimate the volume of the new recyclables and track how many times you dump them into your main recycling bin


Tip: Buy toilet paper that does not use cardboard rolls

  • Tracking: after buying a package of cardboard” role-less” toilet paper, count how many roles you reduced


Tip: Buy less packaged items like small liquid hand soaps. Purchase larger liquid soap containers and refill your smaller sink top containers.
  • Tracking: count how many hand soaps with minimal packaging instead of over-packaged smaller soap containers you buy


Buy more durable toothbrushes or an electric toothbrush

  • Track: Estimate how many toothbrushes you go through in a year and see how long your new durable one lasts!  There are ways to recycle your toothbrushes.


Use an electric shaver.

  • Track: Estimate how many blades razor blade holders you avoided throwing away.


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