Outdoor Diversion

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Over Packaged Garden materials

Tip: A lot of gardening materials like mulch come in plastic bags that can’t be recycled. Try to buy loads that minimize over packaging.

Tracking: When making this choice, track how many over packaged goods that you refrained from buying.



Tip: Litter is a serious problem. One way you could help divert waste is picking up litter weekly or even daily. Maybe you bring a bag with you on a walk and pick up litter as you go.

Tracking: Record how often you pick up litter and estimate how much material you divert.


Tip: Leaves are a resource. Instead of sending them to the landfill, try using them as a mulch, or at least make sure they end up in the city’s composting program instead of the landfill.

Tracking: Estimate how many bags of leaves you divert each week.

Planting Pots

Tip: Many plastic pots for planting end up in the landfill. Try to stockpile the planting pots for the next planting season. If they start to pile up, try returning them to your local nursery.

Tracking: Keep track of how many pots you divert from the landfill


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