About DARN3

DARN³ is a grassroots campaign to help educate and empower the Dubuque community in reducing landfill discards and divert more currently landfilled materials to beneficial uses.

  • An estimated two million dollars of unsorted marketable materials and items are buried in the Dubuque landfill every year.
  • The City’s 5-year local refuse tonnage landfilled trend-line is UP, and the recycling diversion trend-line is DOWN.
  • 40% of Dubuque’s potential curbside recyclables are still placed in the trash and get landfilled.
  • This is not sustainability!



Wasting is a systematic problem, but it is solvable, and we need your help

By becoming a DARN³ member, you can be part of this change in our community. DARN³ is also being assisted through a grant from the Dubuque Metropolitan Area Solid Waste Agency.

Dubuque Metropolitan Area Landfill



Green Dubuque Relation to DARN³

DARN³ is a campaign initiated by Green Dubuque. Since 2007, Green Dubuque has been a citizen-led and volunteer-based 501c3 nonprofit that approaches issues with actionable data and a scientific triple-bottom-line perspective. Green Dubuque, has provided grassroots support for local sustainability – leading initiatives on climate action, complete streets, local food systems, clean air/water and energy efficiency.

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DARN³ first year goals

  • Welcome 70 local businesses and institutions and promote them as members.
  • Include 500 individuals and households as members.
  • Provide face-to-face zero-waste education and strategies to 600 members of community groups, businesses and local government.
  • Minimize 200 tons of wasted food from landfilling through both food rescue and composting.
  • Divert 200 more tons of non-compostable materials to beneficial use.
  • Reduce distribution of 300,000 single-use checkout bags